Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boxing Taped to the Top of the Fabric

Here we have the boxing taped to the top of the fabric and are ready to sew.

Two comments...  ...things we learned after we made a few more cushions.  These are minor details that came with experience.

First, in later cushions, we decided to always fold the side seams towards the back.  Once positioned over the foam, any side seam might become slightly visible over time (as happened with the old fabric).  You want everything to look uniform, and you certainly don't want a seam impression in the front side of the cushion, so always bend them to the back before sewing over them.

Second, always, always, bend the seam the same way when sewing the boxing to the top and bottom fabrics.  A seam folded forwards on the bottom sew and backwards on the top sew will create a bend that will have to be fixed.

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