Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Measuring a "boxing" or the sides...

This very confusing video talks about how to measure the sides.

Originally, the videos were only meant for my personal viewing in a few years, so I made them to jog my own memory.


First, this cushion is not a "normal" cushion with a front.  That is why the top fabric and the bottom fabric match exactly.  This is why we are also creating all 4 sides.  This cushion was a corner cushion in the pilot house.  The other cushions had the top fold over to create one of the sides - the front side.

This cushion used 2 long pieces of fabric for the sides.  Each long piece covered 2 sides.

The question was "how long to cut each long piece?"  The answer was that you still only give 1/2" allowance for "every edge".  Rounding a corner did not change the fact that every edge is simply given 1/2" allowance.  It is hard to understand that watching the video.  It really was not that hard and could have been explained better.  Sorry.

If in doubt, cut a scrap sheet and tack it to the fabric to see if the measurements will work.

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