Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thoughts on Sewing the Fabric

So, here we are doing some sewing.

We learned some things after sewing the first cushion or two and after this video was made.

First, we decided that the "reinforced stitch" on the machine was the wrong stitch to use.  We changed our stitch to a simple straight stitch.  Here is what we decided:

  1. A straight stitch is much faster and uses less thread.
  2. The thread we used (V-69) was a very strong thread and was not going to break.
  3. The reinforced stitch was poking too many holes in the fabric and thus was defeating the purpose by weakening the fabric.  Yes, there was more thread holding the cushion together, but we were weakening the fabric with all the sewing, and that was worse.
In any case, all the cushions are holding together quite nicely after a few months of use, so a simple straight stitch with a strong thread is the way to go.

Finally, after a few more cushions, we realized we could easily sew past the edges and the machine did not care.  We had an old $99 Singer that used to create nests when we sewed past the edges.  This Viking machine did not create nests, and we eventually figured that out.

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