Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finished cushion - one final repair to make

So, the cushion is finished and looks good.  This was our second cushion.

We forgot to sew the end of a zipper shut.  The result was that when the foam was inserted, the zipper opened, followed by the fabric "opening" aka ripping.  It was a small rip that we repaired.

We never again failed to sew the ends of the zipper tape shut.  Rookie mistake.

BTW, zippers are not that difficult to sew.  Don't be intimidated.  After you sew your first zipper, they will become the choice way to close any fabric.  They are really easy to sew.  Try it once.

For some reason, we were intimidated before we sewed our first zipper.  After the first one, we realized there were much harder things to sew onto a cushion.

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