Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Making Darts

So, darts are little triangular cuts that are used to line up the fabric.

It takes and extra 10 minutes to create them, but the process itself helps to insure the fabric all lines up.

I will admit that by the time we got to the 20th cushion, we stopped making darts on the sides, but by that time, we were pretty darn good at matching things up.

Basically, when you measure and create darts, you have to "think through" the next steps and how everything should line up before you sew.  Also, they are very handy start and stop points for the seam tape.  You should take the time to create and line up darts for all your first cushions.

Today, I would still make darts everywhere if I were sewing a cushion that is more than 3 feet wide, because even a 1/8" misalignment can cause the cushion to skew and look bad in the settee.

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