Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Creating a Cushion Template

We needed to create templates for the fabric as our cushions were not rectangular.

We used notebook paper and scotch tape to create a large piece of paper.

We put the foam on top, and we drew the outline.

We then added 1/2" to every side, and cut out the template.  That gave us a template for the bottom of the cushion.

The top of the cushion was not exactly like the bottom, because the front of the cushion is a continuation of the top.  The top template was the bottom template + a 4" front.

Once we created all the templates out of notebook paper, we laid them out on the fabric to find the best use of fabric before we cut them out.  See the next video...

In the video, I say we had 5 more to do, but we ended up recovering every cushion which meant we did 20 total.

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