Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fortuitous Log Book that can be Printed

Here is a link to the Excel workbook with all the logs (templates)...

Fortuitous Logbook Template

Basically, you can download and modify the logs for your own purpose.  You can print a bunch of copies of various workbooks and put them in a bound folder such as a photo album if you want it to look good.

My oldest girl used leather and created a bound "captains logbook" for me for Christmas.  I absolutely love it.  I wouldn't trade that logbook for a new engine.  I know that every hour she spent locked in her room creating that book, she was thinking about me.  I found out she spent hours upon hours researching how to bind books on youtube and then buying supplies, cutting, gluing, etc, to make the book.

Both my daughters figured out early how to tie my heart into a stopper knot.  It is for them I bought Fortuitous.  Every time they ask to climb the mast, I stop what I am doing and help them aloft.  Once we set sail, it is all about them and Mary Beth.

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  1. Beautiful Fowler! We`ll all be thinking of you and your girls living your dream.